Indoor Cycling

Clip in and get ready for the best ride of your life with our rhythm based cycling class experience.  A dark room with lights to tune everyone else out and set the mood for your ride, energized music to keep you peddling all class, and enthusiastic instructors will lead you through an experience sure to test your strength, increase your endurance, and leave you wanting more!



Our Boxing class breaks down of the fundamentals for proper form and execution and offers a fantastic upper body and core workout with optional kicking.  As we lead you through rounds of bag work, we also incorporate functional training into class for a total body experience.

Whether you're looking to tone your body and get stronger or get in some cardio to amp up your endurance, we have a class for you! 


Circuit Training

Our Circuit Training classes are a fantastic opportunity for you to target upper, lower, or total body throughout the week.  You get a high intensity, interval-based workout that will help strengthen and develop your body while increasing your endurance.

Group Workout Session_edited.jpg


If you're newer to fitness, recovering from injury, or want to move your body on a "rest" day, this class is a fantastic option!  The class targets the entire body using light weight, light weights and resistance bands while spending time on each area to increase results.  If you've ever tried pilates or barre, this is similar!