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Titanium Fitness personal training can help to reach your goals no matter what they are.  Whether you're looking to increase your power and strength in a sport or need support recovering from an injury, our trained experts are here to help.

Options include semi-private and one-on-one sessions.

Sports & Endurance Training

Our sports and endurance trainer is here to help you make your local sports team, high school varsity team, eventually compete at the collegiate level or improve your own personal strength, speed and stamina!  Our individualized personal training programs are perfect for men, women, and children at any level of competition and for ANY sport. Our programs are made for each clients unique needs, your current strengths and weaknesses, and are focused on your specific training goals.

What you get with our Sports & Endurance program:

  • Personal 1 on 1 Performance Assessment

  • Individualized Training Regimen

  • Semi Training Sessions with The Max 4:1 trainer/trainee ratio

  • Speed, Strength & Endurance Conditioning  

  • Test-specific drills and exercises

  • Flexibility exercises to prevent injuries and improve recovery time

  • Cross training to improve flexibility and enhance body conditioning

  • Ongoing Performance Assessments so we keep track of all your process over a short or long period of time! 

Personal Trainer
Weight Trainer

Recovery & Beginners

If you don't know where to start again after an injury or need targeted help with specific goals you've set, we have personal trainers who can help you grow and surpass your goals.  We'll work with you to really understand what your needs are, work with your limitations and turn them into strengths, creating a stronger and more confident you.  

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