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Emily H.

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Emily is the founder of Titanium Fitness and brings passion and energy to everything she does.  She grew up playing sports and continued as an adult, integrating weight lifting at the gym.  She found a love for group fitness after hitting a plateau with her fitness goals and learned the importance community plays in achieving them.  Emily's mission is to offer fitness to all ages and fitness levels that is challenging, encouraging, and guarantees results!

What Emily Wants People To Know:

"Be strong enough to say 'yes' to yourself and brave enough to make a change."

Emily's Favorite Spin Vibes:

Any Remix, Dance Pop, Electro House, Pop Rap, Classic Rock


Mikayla has a passion for both fitness and wellness, and joined our team with a strong background coaching Kickboxing and Bootcamp.  She trained with the team and became a fiery cycling instructor as well, so you can catch her all over the studio!  She is now studying to become a wellness coach and yoga instructor, too!  She loves to push you to be the best you can be and uses motivating quotes and phrases to keep you trying your best!

Mikayla B.

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Skylar loves cycling and came to us with a natural ability to program amazing rides and leads a fun and challenging workout with her abundance of energy.  She always reminds her class of the importance of staying present and maximizing their time on the bike.  She wants you to leave feeling a sense of accomplishment and having tried your best.

Skylar C.


James aka "James the Trainer" is a certified personal trainer through ISSA and holds specialized credentials including Certified Glute Specialist, Stretching, and Cycle Instructor.  He loves to bring fun, energy, and a little laughter to his training sessions.  He has a passion for helping others and will help you break through through ceilings together with his years of industry experience.  You can catch James coaching Bootcamp and Boxing here at Titanium or book a personal training session with him!

James likes to remind his clients:

"We are not our thoughts"

and to

"Conquer each day by being present"

James M.


Jordan P.

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Jordan is one of our resident strength and conditioning coach with a background to suit!  He played in both the NFL and XFL and had the opportunity to train with some of the most successful trainers/organizations in the country.  After playing football and working with some Olympic trainers, Jordan started his own training business in NJ and found great success.  His background and knowledge has helped him train other athletes and with his recent relocation to Florida, he's hoping to help train our athletes here!

Jordan's Workout Advise:

"It's your time, not mine.  I'm here to help and coach you through however long we have together."

Jordan P.

Anthony (AJ)

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Anthony aka AJ is a personal trainer at the studio with an emphasis on corrective exercise, strength, and mobility.  He is NASM certified personal trainer and recovery specialist.  His goal is to help people of all ages and capabilities move better and become more active.

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