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Energetic rhythm-based cycling classes in Palm Harbor, FL!

Looking for a low impact cardio workout that is fun and full of energy? Look no further than Titanium Fitness for the best rhythm-based indoor group cycling classes. We combine high energy music with movement to tone your body, increase your endurance, and ultimately help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cyclist, our instructors will provide you direction throughout class, offer modifications to accommodate all levels of riders, and encourage you to find your ultimate potential.  Music should move you so you may even see us sprinkle in some choreography to provide the ultimate full body workout!


At Titanium Fitness, we believe in the power of indoor cycling to boost your fitness level and enhance your overall well-being. Our rhythm-based indoor cycling classes are specifically designed to challenge and inspire you. Our top of the line stationary bikes are equipped with monitors to assist you in riding to the beat of the music, a vast range of gear to challenge your body, and clip-in peddles that work for both SPD and Delta clips.

Indoor Cycling Classes

If you're new to indoor cycling or want to brush up on the basics, we recommend arriving 15-20 minutes before the start of class so that our instructors can welcome you and provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident on the bike.

Whether you're looking to improve your cardiovascular health, lose weight, or simply try a new and exciting workout, our indoor cycling classes are the perfect place to start and we welcome all fitness levels and riders. Our rhythm-based cycling classes will keep you energized and excited the entire ride!

We're so confident that you'll enjoy our indoor cycling class, we offer a free week trial.

Experience the benefits of indoor cycling and see if it's the right fit for you, with no monthly contracts or hidden fees. Take the first step towards a healthier and more active lifestyle by claiming your free week trial today.


What are the group cycling classes at Titanium Fitness like?

Group cycling classes at Titanium Fitness are a high-energy and dynamic fitness experience that allows you to push your limits and improve your cycling skills in a supportive group setting.

The best part about our cycling classes is that you move at your own pace.  Class isn't about competition or finishing first, it's about feeling empowered, working hard, and breaking through physical and mental blocks to become a better version of yourself.


Each class begins with a warm-up song where the instructor leads you through proper form on the bike and prepares riders for class.  Each song thereafter is a separate and unique challenge for riders where you experience slow hills that increase in difficulty, lighter beats where you're challenged to come out of the saddle, or fast flat roads where you work for best speed.

Cycling Class FAQs

Are the group cycling classes suitable for beginners?

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Absolutely! Our group indoor cycling classes are designed to accommodate participants of all fitness levels, including beginners. Our cycling instructors will provide modifications and guidance to ensure that everyone can participate and progress at their own pace, regardless of their cycling experience.

What do I need to bring for class?

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Be sure to bring a water bottle and wear somewhat fitted and comfortable workout clothes for your ride! Loose and baggy clothes are not ideal. You're welcome to bring your own cycling shoes if you have them, otherwise we have clip-in shoes available at the studio to borrow. We also provide towels for our riders and have a water station to refill your bottle.

What are the benefits of joining Titanium Fitness's rhythmic cycling classes?

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Joining our group indoor cycling classes offers a multitude of benefits. Not only will you improve your cardiovascular endurance and burn calories, but you will also strengthen your lower body muscles and increase your overall fitness level. The high-energy and motivating atmosphere at Titanium Fitness will push you to achieve your fitness goals and inspire you to reach new heights.

Why take rhythm-based cycling classes?

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Rhythm-based indoor cycling classes are an excellent choice for individuals of all fitness levels due to the numerous benefits they offer. Not only are these classes a blast, but they also offer a multitude of benefits that are low impact and enchance your overall health. Get ready to experience a high-intensity workout that will increase your cardiovascular endurance, build lean muscle, and torch calories like never before. Our expert instructors will guide you through a rhythmic cycling routine that keeps you motivated and engaged, ensuring you get the most out of every session.

Amy Leask

Love that I can fit the 30 minutes workouts into my schedule. Everyday offers different and challenging exercises. Trainers are helpful and knowledgeable. Emily creates a positive environment.

Autumn Young

Great 30-minute workouts with a variety of classes offered. I love the boxing, spin, and toning classes. Also have equipment if you want to extend your workout or do your own thing. Love all the staff! Fun, uplifting environment.
Great mix of classes that are tough but a very fun and supportive environment!
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