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Open Gym Workouts

At Titanium Fitness, we understand that life is a bustling journey, and your fitness goals deserve to be met on your own terms when your schedule gets crazy. Our Open Gym experience offers you the best of both worlds: the flexibility to workout at your convenience and the option to engage in coach-guided workouts when our class schedule doesn't align with yours.

What You Can Expect


We make working out as convient and flexible as possible. There is no cap or time limits imposed on your workout and you can choose to exercise on your own to your own program OR ask our expert coach on staff to explain our workout of the day to you and help get you started! Because we have a variety of fitness options for you, choose to add this service on to your group fitness membership or become a member of Open Gym only!


Life's schedule shouldn't dictate your fitness routine which is why we offer so many options throughout the day. With our Open Gym, you have the flexibility to exercise on your own terms during our Open Gym hours. Also, unlike many big box gyms where you're waiting for equipment and worried about the cleanliness of the facility, you get to workout in a quiet and clean space with limited people and should always have what you need for your best workout!


Need that extra push? Our skilled coaches are at your disposal even during Open Gym hours. Join one of our Coach-Guided Workouts to get professional guidance and motivation that complements your goals. Don't worry, you can also workout with your own self-guided program and we'll still be here to help!


Our fitness studio is equipped with a wide range of equipment. Whether you're into cardio, strength training, or flexibility exercises, we've got the tools to elevate your workout experience.


While you have the independence to choose your workout style, you're never alone. Immerse yourself in a welcoming community of fitness enthusiasts who share your drive and dedication.

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